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Change is a necessity because change itt tech student portal is the essence of progress that must move forward semangkin position from its original position. Changes must be managed properly in change management (Management of change) and expectations of management and progress in harmony is often a trap for us to be "lazy" maintain the dynamics of change in life, while politics are a variety of activities in the political system or the country concerned in the process define the goals change. itt tech student portal
So the political change is a necessity that is essential to make the political change to make it better than the political sebelumnya.perubahan that is how we must change the policy that should kibijakan the first to be replaced in order to be better so that a nation can be lebaik and separated from kepurukan as we know that the system change in Indonesia is very erratic and did not know how right now is very, very bad political.
In the study of political development there are some concepts that need to be understood before explaining the definition of political development, ie, change, development and political modernization. Development and political modernization is a political change, not vice versa (Ramlan Surbakti, 1992). Political change can be interpreted as the differences in the characteristics of a political system that one political system to another.